About Shield Driving School

Shield Driving School started 8 years ago when Brad Bixler was teaching Driver Education at Central Dauphin High School. He realized that there was a need for a high quality driver education program in the greater Harrisburg area.  He quickly teamed up with the local police departments to recruit and bring highly qualified experts in traffic safety to work one on one with the students to create an experience where these students could learn from the experts in the field.  In the spirit of bringing experts on to the team, we hired two former PennDOT examiners to bring a whole new dimension to our workforce.  Each of these driver brings a certain set of skills and knowledge that no other driving school in Pennsylvania can match.

We believe that the driver trainee and the trainer’s security is of the utmost importance, so we installed in each car two cameras hooked up to a 60 gig hard drive that films what is going on in and out of the car.  This video is used for only protection and cannot be viewed by the trainer or the trainee. It is only in place for the safety and welfare of both people in the car.  As a company we strive to bring the most professional and experienced staff to serve, protect and equip the students of Central Pennsylvania.

In 2010 we teamed up with a number of Schools in central Pennsylvania to offer an exciting online driver education course for an affordable rate.  This course is available for school districts and individuals students who are in need of taking a driver education course that is convenient and affordable.  Check our free demo course online to see if this might be something you are interested in taking.

We value the opportunity to serve you with the same level of care and trust that many before have placed on us.  To equip inexperienced drivers with the necessary skills to become safe and competent on the road.


Brad Bixler