FAQs – Behind the Wheel

Set out below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding our Behind the Wheel courses. If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ, please contact us!

Q1: How do we sign up for lessons?

A1: You can do this by calling 717-329-5215. We schedule 3 lessons that are 2 hours in length. The lessons comprise three different levels of driving with each lesson being built on the lesson previously completed.

Lesson 1 – Basic understanding of the car, Self-defense driving techniques in a parking lot and introduction to country roads in a rural setting.
Lesson 2 – Introduction to city driving, parallel parking and managing city driving in the urban environment.
Lesson 3 – Review of parallel parking, review of the PennDOT exam, introduction into high volume traffic as well as merging onto highways. We work on navigating close driving on busy thoroughfares like Route 30 and 22.

Q2: Why are the lessons 2 hours in length?

A2: We feel the time maximizes student learning. For example if the student is going from Central Dauphin High school to PennDOT it would take ½ hr to PennDOT and ½ hr back to CD. By doing 2 hours it allows the instructor to focus on many aspects of driving while eliminating the travel time each single lesson you take the student out.

Q3: Do they drive for 2 straight hours?

A3: No, we incorporate teaching and various activities into the lesson to keep it fresh and moving.

Q4: Do you schedule the lesson all in one week?

A4: We think that the lessons should be once a week for three weeks. If the student is having problems we will discuss to push back the final lesson so that the student is safe and allow them time to practice a little bit before we complete the final lesson.

Q5: Do we have Spanish speaking instructors?

A5: NO.

Q6: Do you offer the Driving test?

A6: No we do not offer the test. We believe there is an unethical aspect to this. If we accept money after providing lessons or as a result of doing the lessons there is sometimes an unreasonable expectation that the student will pass. PennDOT offers testing for free. Also, the risk of litigation is so high that one small error on our part could result in our company being shut down and a valuable service being provided will be no longer available.

Q7: Do we use our own car?

A7: No, we provide one. (2014 Ford Focus)

Q8: Do we need to have insurance?

A8: No, our insurance covers both the driver and instructor in the car.

Q9: Do they need a permit or license to take the course?

A9: Yes, You must have a valid Pennsylvania permit. Out of state permits are not recognized by Pennsylvania.

Q10: How do we pay?

A10: We ask that payment and registration form be mailed in one week prior to the first lesson.  We accept personal checks, money orders, and credit cards. You will need to call the office if you wish to pay by credit card; additional fees may apply for credit card use.

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