FAQs – Online Classroom

Set out below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding our Online Instruction courses. If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ, please contact us!

Q1: How old does my child have to be in order to take this class?

A1: The child should take this class no earlier than the summer before their sophomore year of school. There is no maximum age for taking this class.

Q2: Can you pay by any other means than a credit card?

A2: Yes, you can pay by check, cash or money order. When you register and you get to the payment screen you must stop until we receive the payment from you for the course. We will wait to make sure the check clears before proceeding to allow you to take the course.

Q3: How can our school district become involved in the online driver education course?

A3: The school district can contact Brad Bixler at 717.649.4586 for more information.

Q4: Does my insurance company offer a reduction if I take this class?

A4: Most insurance companies require that you take Behind the Wheel Training as well as the Online Classroom. Insurance companies want you to not only know how to drive but they want you to understand the rules of the road. We recommend that you call your individual insurance company to find out what the requirements are and what discount they offer.

Q5: When does my certification get sent to me?

A5: The certification will arrive by email 3-5 business days from successful completion of the course.

Q6: Is this course approved by Pennsylvania Department of Education?

A6: Yes, you may click on the link for verification http://www.edna.ed.state.pa.us/Screens/wfSearchEntity.aspx.

Q7: Do I get high school credit for taking this class?

A7: No, Driver Education is not a mandatory class needed for graduation in Pennsylvania.