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75% of drivers see someone run a red light each day.

Why do I need to take a drivers education course?

If you are under 18 and would like to get your drivers license, State Law requires that you first complete an approved Driver Education Program. The course may be completed in a traditional classroom with a live instructor or through a home-study course. Once you complete your drivers education course and receive your Certificate of Completion, you can take the DMV written permit exam that is required to get your learners permit. After you get a learners permit, you may start driving under the supervision of an adult.

What are the benefits of taking Online Drivers Education from Shield Driving?

Our driver ed course is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. Our course teaches you the fundamentals of safe driving. Operating a motor vehicle is a serious responsibility, which is why we teach you about driving laws in your state and the necessary skills to become a safe and responsible driver. Completing this driver education online program:

  • Makes you eligible to receive discounts on your car insurance. This can save you money!
  • Can help you get your unrestricted senior driver’s license before you turn 18 years old
  • Will help you pass your driver’s test
  • Will make you a safer, more responsible driver

This entire online drivers ed course can be done at your convenience with your own computer. Upon finishing this online drivers ed program, you receive your Certificate of Completion that enables you to enjoy the benefits – certification, preparation, and readiness for your driver examination.

What happens after I complete my Driver Ed Course?

You are required to take the Learners Permit test at the DMV. When you’re ready to take your written exam our exclusive DMV practice exam software, PrepWizard, will prepare you for the real DMV exam. PrepWizard is an online testing program that contains thousands of real DMV Written Exam Questions designed to help you pass the real DMV Permit Test on your first try!

Do you offer behind the wheel drivers training?

YES!  We certainly do!  More information on our behind-the-wheel training can be found here.


Note: As of July 1st, 2012 the online course will be $70.

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